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Baby Monitor App for Fever Monitoring

When it comes to our babies, we always want to make sure that they are in good hands as well as, in the best health condition. And one of the most common symptoms babies can have is FEVER. A fever usually means that the body is fighting an illness and the immune system is working and fever in the baby could get really scary and all we want is to be ready when this kind of circumstances arises. That is why ELITE THERMOGRAPHY built a solution.

Baby Fever App is a solution designed specifically for the well-being of your children by monitoring their body temperature. There are many different ways to take a baby’s temperature, but this application uses Thermal Imaging Technology which uses pre-configured for monitoring individuals to find temperature deviations to ensure accurate temperature measurements It sends an alarm through email or SMS if the temperature of your baby goes above normal even during their sleep. Baby Fever App is easily installed, on your phone or computer – simply install, connect, and protect.

Baby Monitoring System

Thermal Camera Key Benefits

  • Early Detection of Sickness with accuracy
  • Could indicate the severity of illness much better with accurate  temperature reading
  • Reliable and prevents unnecessary panic
  • Reduces the risks of spreading any diseases



Fever Check

Human Body Temperature Measurement

Stop Disease Spreading

Condition Monitoring



The Baby Fever App is a full-featured software package for monitoring your child’s temperature. The software supports standard communication protocols to connect to the common control systems including Ethernet IP   and Modbus TCP. The software will analyze and compare the data against the predefined parameters and will trigger an alarm if needed. In this way, this application does not only serves as a baby monitoring application but also monitors to do the condition monitoring for the room.