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Fire Protection Solution & Fire Fighting System–

    First Responder Plus

Fire is one natures deadliest forces. Uncontrolled, unpredictable fire outbreaks can cause huge losses both in terms of human lives and property damages. Commercial activities suffer huge set backs and face disastrous downtime. How can we prevent this? Elite Thermography has combined the unique technology of advanced Thermal Imaging Camera to detect fires before they manifest, with an automated Fire Fighting System that will respond and extinguish the threat immediately! Ensure your safety with Elite Thermography

How does thermal imaging technology work?


 Thermal cameras detect heat radiation and can be used to identify the surface temperature of objects and people. With this capability, Thermal cameras are commonly used as a non-contact screening tool to detect differences in skin surface temperatures and pattern changes.

ELITE THERMOGRAPHY comes up  with a solution, A practical implementation to realize the full potential of Thermal Imaging Cameras by combining their Fire Prevention Ability and pairing it with an innovative, out-of-the box Automated Fire Fighting System.




Held together by our advanced in-house software, First Responder Plus,
ensure the safety of your facility by these easy steps:

1) Identifying Potential Fire Hazards, confirming exceptions using Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras


2) Engaging the Automated Fire Fighting Canon to position and extinguish the fire hazard

3) Review Clips and Images of the incident to ensure the future safety