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The Elite Medical CRM is a complete software solution for healthcare facilities. Overtime, the medical field has grown and continuously growing extensively. In parallel, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) must keep up to maintain accurate patient records, good quality services and more efficient and more cost-effective operations.

medical CRM

Benefits of CRM in Healthcare:

 1. Systematic appointments – easily manage appointment bookings, patient check in/out, create

2. More accurate and up-to-date patient records – staff and doctors can create, maintain, update and access patient records efficiently

3.  Marketing – integrate social media, email, WhatsApp and more platforms for marketing campaigns.

4. Customer service – Attend to inquiries and build strong communication relationship with customers

5. Billings and Accounts – keep track of bills, expenses and other financial processes



Elite Thermography and Medical Supplies LLC aims to provide the best, most reliable and secure system for our clients.

  • Perpetual license or monthly/annual subscriptions
  • Cloud-based or Physical Server for data storage
  • User friendly interface
  • Technical support
  • Can be customized as per requirements