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Every drop of  water is important and unfortunately, water is lost through different ways. Leaks, and cracks in pipes and their fit­tings are some of the types due to most infrastructure being underground making it impossible to visually determine the location of these pipe leaks. The worst thing is, you will only learn about it once the water has reached the surface and the exact location can be indeterminate. This can damage five times more likely than theft, and six times more likely than fire, but thousands of home owners don’t have any preventative protection in place. That’s were Elite Thermography introduces the Water Leak Detection System or  we called Smart Leak Meter. A revolutionary all-in-one security system for your home’s plumbing. The Smart Meter    learns your water use habits, and alerts you to potential issues before they can get out of hand.



With the advance technologies in this modern age day, Elite Thermography presents this innovative solution that actively monitors the integrity of your entire water system.

  • This answers all your problems with even the smallest leakage. 
  • Giving you the sense of relief with knowing that no leakage go unnoticed and you’ll be able to know about every leak before it can cause damage. Elite Thermography provides services with  our experienced leak detection team to locate and solve the problem and protect your home.
  • Weekly complete data reports and alerts on any incidents that might happen in the water supply system will be provided

You already know you can rely on Elite Thermography for effective water damage detection services and leak repair. With the introduction of Smart Leak Meter, our exceptional services can be even better. Our company is excited to bring you proactive leak detection services with the Smart Leak Meter. We’ll handle every step of the process, from installing the meter to performing first-rate repairs when a leak is detected.

This innovative solution is the industry’s first end-to-end solution for leak prevention, detection, and repair. Together, we’ll bring you water damage protection solutions that save you time and money, while also saving water and protecting our environment. Our superior leak detection and repair services are better than ever with the Smart Water Meter.