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Thermal Leak Detection System

Gas leaks, water leakage, fire hazard are one of the few problems we face at home. These problems cannot be relied upon by the use of senses alone due to the fact that it can cause great damage if left undetected. Gas leaks sometimes cannot be smelled by the nose  because of diminishing ability or olfactory fatigue or simply because the odor can be hidden or masked with other odors present. Same goes for water leaks that gets left unnoticed until the water has reached the surface. 

First Responder is a solution designed for water leaks and early fire protection to prevent any further damage due to water leaks or fire hazard. The system makes use of Thermal Imaging Technology can send an alarm through email or SMS even before an actual leak or fire. First Responder is easily installed, no pipe cutting – simply install, connect and protect.



  • Water Leak
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fuel Leak
  • Condition Monitoring

Key Benefits:

  • Find and identify hidden issues and early detection of anomalies
  • Find missing insulation for efficient Water Leak/Fire System
  • Reliable Source of Critical Data to diagnose problems quickly and accurately and helps to make quick and solid decisions
  • Avoids unnecessary destructive damage which can improved efficiency in workplace and environment
  • Easy Integration and Installation for succesful job completion
  • Reduced Risk of Damage, saves time and money
First Responder Overview

The FIRST RESPONDER is a full-featured software package for Water Leak Detection. The software supports standard communication protocols in connecting to the common control systems including Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP, and will trigger an alarm if needed. These parameters can be adjusted based on the specific application needs.




– Continuous display of current thermal images of all
– Simultaneous display of the of the live image .
– Camera& system status indication.
– Recording of maximum, minimum & average
temperature of each section.
– Single or multiple-camera system available
– Graphicsof temperature-time profile of all sections
– Logging of operations
– Filing of image data
– Integrated with fire alarm detectors
– Detecting and marking of sources of interference,e.g A
wheel loaders.