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FLIR GF346 -INFRARED CAMERA -Carbon monoxide Detection

The FLIR GF346 optical gas imaging camera detects carbon monoxide (CO) and 17 additional gases without the need to interrupt your plant’s production process. CO emissions can be a significant threat to primary steel manufacturing operations; even the slightest leak in a vent stack or pipe can have a devastating effect. With the FLIR GF346, inspectors can scan large areas from a safe distance, pinpointing leaks in real-time, reducing repair down-time, and providing repair verification.


The FLIR GF346 is an infrared camera for optical gas imaging (OGI) that visualizes and pinpoints gas
leaks of carbon monoxide (CO) and other harmful gases, without the need to shut down the operation.
The portable camera also greatly improves operator safety, by detecting emissions at a safe distance,
and helps to protect the environment by tracing leaks of environmentally harmful gases.
CO is an industrial gas with applications in the steel industry and bulk chemicals manufacturing. It is
also used for packaging systems for fresh meat and fish


FLIR GF346 14.5degrees fixed lens

FLIR GF346 14.5degrees

FLIR GF346 24degrees fixed lens

FLIR GF346 24degrees

Additional information

Camera Type


Model Series

IR Resolution (pixels)

Thermal Sensitivity/NETD

Field of view


Image Frequency

Detector Type

Can detect Gases

acetonitrile, acetyl cyanide, arsine, bromine isocyanate, butyl isocyanide, carbon monoxide, chlorine isocyanate, chlorodimethylsilane, cyanogen bromide, dichloromethylsilane, ethenone, ethyl thiocyanate, germane, hexyl isocyanide, ketene, methyl thiocyanate, nitrous oxide, silane

Spectral Range



Image modes

, ,

Temperature Range


Measurement Analysis/Tools


Camera size (L × W × H)


Sensor Cooling

Stirling Microcooler (FLIR MC-3)


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