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What is  Mechanical Inspection for Thermography?

Thermography enables us to conduct mechanical inspections without a full shutdown of the line process or machine.  The method is essential in preventive maintenance of electrical motors, conveyor belts, bearings, pumps, steam traps, and more mechanical components. Know the possible problems and the degree of the risk before it even happen.

Maximizing the Potential of Mechanical Inspection

Thermography Advantages :

 Non-destructive and non-contact

 Reduced downtime

✔ Prevent costly and catastrophic system failure

 Plan your repair and maintenance effectively with priorities

 Real-time inspections

 Fast and Quality assessment reports

                                     ITC CERTIFIED THERMOGRAPHER & ENGINEERS 

When it comes to inspecting mechanical equipment with infrared, certain conditions are needed. We have ITC certified Thermographers and Engineers. Proper training is essential to successfully operate these systems.

mechanical inspection

            The Benefits of Thermography:

The first way thermography reduces dose exposure is by significantly reducing the time a worker needs to be in the adverse area to diagnose the situation. Thermal cameras allow the workers to take multiple images of the component in question quickly and to analyze the images later while in a safer environment.

The second way that thermography reduces dose exposure is by allowing workers to be further away from equipment they are analyzing. The further they are from radioactive equipment, the smaller the dose rate will be. Without thermography a worker may have to get very close to an object to look for visual hints of heat damage or to apply temperature monitoring equipment.

Thermography is often used to find faults in electrical systems without having to stop power to the system itself. This can be extremely beneficial for companies without the capacity to shut down systems for days at a time while troubleshooting issues.