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How LeakPlus Work?


LeakPlus repairs pipes by using polymer filling and hardener to fillup the hole causing the leak.

The first step is to establish a continuous flow of water in the pipe line. The source of water will be the mixing container and the other end of the pipe will have a hose that returns the water to the mixing container.

The polymer is put into the mixing container. The polymer will eventually fill the hole or opening causing the leak. The process is followed by mixing the hardener into the circulation to escalate the coagulation of the polymer.

The system is kept for few hours. Pressure test is done to ensure that there is no more leak. 

Your pipe is now repaired!


pipe repair

What Can Be Repaired by LeakPlus?

Swimming Pool

✔ Return Lines

✔ Spa Jet Lines

✔ Main Drain Lines

✔ Skimmer Suction Lines

✔ Cleaner Lines

✔ In-floor Cleaner Lines

✔ Water Feature Lines


✔ Non-Potable

✔ PVC, Copper, or Galvanized

✔ Supply Lines

✔ Concealed Lines

✔ Irrigation

✔ Well Pumps


✔ Cooling Towers

✔ Manufacturing

✔ Irrigation

✔ Fire Sprinkler Supply

✔ Sewers & Drains

✔ Geothermal

Benefits of LeakPlus:


✔ Nondestructive repair underground

✔ Reduces downtime

✔ Avoid high cost of repair and maintenance

✔ Can be done on any scale; from private homes to industrial or commercial facilities