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Thermography for Gas Leak Detection


Elite Thermography uses an Optical Gas Imaging camera that detects industrial gases quickly, safely and accurately without the needing to shutdown operations. We can scan broad section of equipment from a safe distance and survey the area that are hard to reach by traditional measurement tools. With this service, you can avoid regulatory violations, loss of revenue, and avoiding fines. 

Benefits of Thermography in Gas Leak Detection


 We can  see plumes of gas leaking from pipes and equipment

 Scan natural gases and Hydrocarbon leaks easily 

✔ Avoid high cost-ineffective way

Protects workers and the environment from toxic levels of carbon monoxide (CO) by pinpointing leaks quickly and efficiently

 Spectral filtering to target the infrared wavelengths absorbed by the gas, letting the user visualize otherwise invisible gas which allows inspectors to actually see where the gas is coming from

✔ Surveys a wide area that can complete a job in less than a day

gas leakage inspection

Importance of Gas Leak Detection

Whether in the home or workplace, gas leak detection services are critical. Gas leaks are hazardous to your health and the safety and function of your home and workplace. Gas leaks can even cause liability concerns. Elite Thermography provides gas leak detection services that will reveal areas of concern before they grow into larger, more dangerous problems.

Gas leak detection services are necessary mainly for health reasons. Combustible gases can start fires or cause explosions in homes and workplaces, injuring you, family members, friends, or workers. Gas leaks can also cause health issues in the long term from gradual exposure. Some gas leaks are even silent killers.

In addition to being dangerous for your well-being, gas leaks are threatening to your finances. Repairing damage caused by gas leaks can be expensive, time-consuming, frustrating, and can expose you to more detrimental substances. If you don’t have gas leak detection services to determine the origin of the problem, the effects of the leak could occur again, costing you, even more, money.