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Elite Thermography’s Electrical Inspection

Using Best In Class Thermal Camera





Electrical Inspection using Best in Class Thermal Imaging camera by Elite Thermography  has the capability to catch electrical problems before they cause damage because even low voltage systems give off excessive heat when they break down.  It also locate hot or loose connections and find overloaded circuits, motors, and wires because they appear brighter, or hotter, than their surroundings. The problem comes when there is too much resistance in the circuit or a high current flow. This is often an indication of an impending failure. Loose connections, load imbalances, and corrosion can also increase resistance – making the circuit heat up. This heat is often noticeable long before the circuit fails, so regular inspections with a thermal imaging camera can detect such faults at an early stage. This will help prevent costly damages and avoid dangerous situations.

Thermography Advantages :

 Instantly identify faulty parts

 Can accurately identify the issue by identifying the difference in temperature changes

✔ Prevent Costly and catastrophic system failure

 Establish your Repair Priorities

Test Under Load without any planned shutdown

Can be done on any scale; from private homes to industrial or commercial facilities

 Fast and Quality assessment reports

✔ Real-Time Inspections

Reasons Why You Need an Electrical Thermography Inspection

The inspection can detect several conditions:

Infrared thermography can detect several conditions that may undermine the operational efficiency of your systems. Some of the conditions include overloads, loose connections, inductive heating, open circuits, harmonics, unbalanced loads and defective equipment.


By detecting electrical problems in good time, the tool helps to avoid fires caused by overloaded circuits or faulty wiring.

Financial savings

Inspections using infrared thermography will help in detecting problems and allow for repairs. This will mean fewer downtimes, a factor that will, in turn, result in fewer interruptions.


When you can deal with electrical problems, all your systems will operate optimally. This will allow you to deliver quality products, a factor that will not only earn you trust but also boost your business.

Lower insurance premiums

When your business experiences fewer interruptions, you will reduce losses and improve your cash flow. In case you have commercial insurance that protects against interruptions, you will pay lower premiums for the coverage.